Welcome to my studio, the creative hothouse where inspiration flows and the hours pass messing about with oil paint. Stay tuned to this page for recent developments and latest rambles.


Paintings from Tasmaia

After a recent visit to the ancient and, in the past, infamous country we returned with a wealth of ideas for pictures that are mostly parts of evocations of the amazing landforms, quite foreign to Australia that we passed through. Big paintings are the way I go so this is no exception.

Photos will follow in the gallery as soon as I get a few more under my belt; 3 down and it's looking good, and then we'll talk.


Thanks to all those supporters who missed a night at home to come out & share the fumes of oil paint with us. Especially Brenton & Deb, neither of whom get my Numerics, but applauded nonetheless. I'm sorry but I'm all set to do some more!




Epiphanes Booklet - now available

If you have enjoyed viewing my Epiphanes series, you can now peruse them at your leisure, along with their accompanying texts, in my publication of the same title. Containing full colour reproductions and enlarged details of each work, the written texts alongside each painting add another dimension to your experience. I really hope they speak to you as I find they still do to me... 


'Epiphanies' By John Bell

40 pages - full colour reproductions with enlarged details and accompanying texts for each painting

AUD$39.95 (+ $5 for posatage within Australia)

Overseas: AUD$59.95 (postage included)